Strip Poker

Inspired by a night last year…
and a poem i had to write for english class.

its pretty nice, but much too blurry and grainy…i think

yep! Just a bit less blur on the foreground and it would pretty fit photoreal.



Cool, but where is the strip :wink: ?


this ain’t about the render but the poem

–i didn’t think that strip poker used chips for the gambling as the point was to take off your clothes–
ok it is also reflected in the render with pics of chips

just being annoying :wink:

looks dissapointed

I was hoping to see someone stripping :stuck_out_tongue:

no, really, I like it a lot, but idd: too much Blur

Actually I really like the blur/grain to it. It suits it well and adds to the mood :smiley: Now if you defined the deck of cards better - hard to explain but - where the cards sepereate…maybe even painting some lines to show that it’s just not one solid 1 and a half inch card. But besides that I really like it :smiley:

Keep it up :smiley: