"Stripe" of being unable to select polygons

No matter what I do there’s just a stripe/line of faces I can’t select.

I’m trying to manually select polygons using selection via vertices and I can select it on its own, but not in a full line. It looks like this (I can get a better pic if needed):

I’m trying to just subdivide this whole strip entirely but it won’t select that stripe and individually doing each face for this stripe would just be a pain since it’s an entire area. This has happened on 2 models as well.

Is there a way to fix it? Also, I can give more information if it’s needed.

You mean you cant select the loop with alt+click?
That does not work with triangels, blender dont know to route.

You can stay quads and use triangulate modifer perhaps.

The vertices are certainly not connected, try x-ray toggle and circel select or even merge by distance before.

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