Stripes when rendering with luxrender


I modeled a logo I tried to render with luxrender.
When I select a built in material like metal-silver, the rendering is fine whereas when I use a lbm material like the one featured on page I get some stripes like on the ones showed on the attached screenshot.

Could anyone tell me how to get rid of these stripes?
I already tried to flip and recalculate normals (CTRL+N) but it didn’t change anything…

Thanks in advance,



Do you mean you want to just have the red colour, without the yellow stripes? In that case, just use a glossy material. The material in the database has stripes in it, so it’s no wonder that they will show in your rendering as well.

You are right. I used the wrong lbm file. I expected red plastic.

Thanks :wink:

That looks like the orange road cone to me.