Striving for realism "It's a living"

(Nayman) #1

Well, here is my latest work for my portfolio, using the glock model i made recently, i hope you enjoy it.

Comments, critisizm, hatemail welcome

(bg3D) #2

hahaha! thats soooooo sweet!

(Happydud) #3

May I father your children? Or I can mother them, either one.

(The_Enigma) #4

Real cool 8) 8) Love the Glocks, really detailed! One thing, it looks like the money is a tad too blured, but that’s just my opinion :wink:

(S68) #5

Cool scene :slight_smile:


(Olpainless) #6

Oh, I like this. Looks brilliantly detailed, and lots of atmosphere. Beauty to look at.

(blengine) #7

lol very cool, i see a lil realism too, nice job

(stephen2002) #8

looking good.

I notcie that you used the parent-the-camera-to-a-circle method of making that focal blur. It shows, unfortunatly.

Some of the shadowing looks odd, maby turn up the buffer size on the lamps to get a little bit more defenition.

(mrmunkily) #9

make sure that the camera is actually tracing the whole circle. if it tracks a half or quarter it looks real bad.