Stroke in the middleof my mesh?

Why is there a “stroke” in the middle of my mesh?
(Its mirrored)

There must be some vertex points next to the edge line which is the middle, that are further on -Y axis than the middle line from which the whole thing is mirrored.
They should be sculpted with F smooth or F flatter to make the line less visible.
While I’m not sure if F smooth and F flatter in Blender version which You are using is called in the same names.

Do u see smth wrong here maybe?

It could also be matter of - if somehow the whole of the middle edge contains a face.
If You try to turn the mirror off, and if the middle edge loop from which the half gets mirrored doesn’t contain face - then just try to set the first vertex points which are on the right from the middle edge “from pictures perspective” behind the -Y value of the one on the left or “middle” vert of the middle edge loop (if its a loop)
As that’s what it seem to me.
Or just copy Y value of e.g “bellybutton” vert value by pressing ctrl+c once You mouse over the “bellybutton” vert value. Then select one next to it. And hit ctrl+v to match it on Y to the one in the middle.

P.s. To me everything I see there is wrong because it’s not Blender 2.79b, asit is the only one I use.


Thanks… there was a face in the middle… :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that’s how mesh behaves unfortunately.
Just as You wont be able to enjoy smooth shading of faces.
If in some places where multiple vertex point values get set to 0
while many verts are selected in order to get them all in same place.

You’re welcome.