Stroke issue in sculpt mode

Hi all, please see attachment I encounter this issue. Horizontal stroke is kinda ok but vertical one is realy bad. Using dynamic topology so I assume the object topology doesnt matter. Btw topology is pretty equal on this model. Even if I subdivide it to few milions I see the same.
It looks like “squeezed brush” or something

Do you have idea what could be possibly wrong?

hi . because you vertexes are horizontal so you get good result in this case . sculpting need a high poly object (a object that has a lot of face) but there is a way to do .
yo should add multiresulotion modifier then in the panel of it set subdivide up to 2 or more . each subdivide that you add you object having several segment after that you apply it (you should apply this modifier it on object mode) therefore your object become hard to render . :eyebrowlift2: of course if you apply it .

Try apply scale (Ctrl+A) in object mode

thank you man, this works