Strokes in Texture Painting Mode?

Where are the stroke’s options within texture Painting Mode? I do not see “Anchored”—“DragDot”—etc etc, they appear in sculpting mode but no in texture paint mode? I see only strokes like “Airbrush” and “Spacing”…that’s it or there is something wrong with my installation?

Zbrush and Mudbox have them. However I am not comparing software here just it looks weird to me that they are already implemented in the sculpt System and they work perfect ! But they do not show in texture paint? Without those strokes options the texture paint in Blender is almost useless…“Anchored” is a must… or may be is there any build from graphical testing these?:spin:

I do not see “Anchored”—“DragDot”–
Those aren’t available in Texture Paint