Strong Bad Stereoscope

Here’s a stereoscopic image of the Strong Bad pic I posted eariler.


  1. Sit back a little from your monitor
  2. Focus on the center line where the two images meet.
  3. Slowly let your eyes cross until you see 4 images, then 3.
  4. Focus on the one in the middle.

SB Stereoscope

And before anyone asks:

No there’s nothing hidden in the image, so if you see a unicorn or a spaceship, seek help immediately.

ummm… it just makes my eyes water :-?


Okay, I got it finally. Good stuff once you get it.

My Lawyers advised me to post this Disclaimer:

Elysiun, Blender, and most importantly, ChooDaddy shall not be held responsible for any damage done to eyes, brain, and/or computer screen (from kicking it if unable to view image properly).


I can easily get the stereoscopic view of the image since I ones tried a Quake 3 mod that made the game stereoscopic with the same technique as this image. But has anyone been able to get a CLEAR picture? My eyes just don’t seem to know how to focus properly on those kinds of pictures. My normal vision is perfect though.

Here’s a red-cyan anaglyph I made for anyone who has red-cyan glasses and can’t view it normally (like me). Unfortunately the red looks black because of this but whatever.

I found that if you get it roughly right, and sorta half way focused, and then you bring your mouse across and try to focus on it it helps. I got it in focus doing that. It’s kinda cool, though after your done looking the real world goes blury - most disconcerting.

heh, nice 3d effect.
I can usually get these stereoscopic images in 3-10 seconds. I guess a little trick for getting them focused sharply is to get the images overlapping (still blurry). Then slowly widen and shrink your eyes until they get in focus.

playing a fps like this though would give a nasty headache I imagine.

I don’t see why people have trouble with viewing stereoscopic images. I just focus my eyes to an imaginary point far behind the screen and voilà! It’s harder to hold it steady this way but it doesn’t hurt your eyes as much as crossing them and it also doesn’t appear nearly as blurred. I think it would look even better if the images were a tiny bit different, like if the camera was focused on a point for the left image and then moved a bit for the right image. Then it would give a “better” 3D effect.

Oh well, whatever. Good job with the modeling and such; I don’t see any problems with it.

Hey, I remember that mod.
Anyway, I’m not able to do it the way DVirus101 does. There are two ways to go about it, actually… my eyes were hurting very badly when I made my first post on here because I was trying the first method… act as if you’re looking at something really far away.
What I find the easier way to be is that you look more toward your nose, crossing your eyes. You can “move” the images a lot further and a lot easier that way, I find, though its more blurry when you connect them. But if I wait a bit with this method, it eventually becomes quite clear.
The reason its harder with the “looking at something far away” method is that your eyes move more and more directly forward. Looking absolutely straight ahead with each eyeball is highly difficult, and there’s only so far you can go before you reach your limit… that is, unless you’re able to get your left eye to look to the left while the right eye looks to the right. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but if it is, it’s damn difficult.

OK, I finally got it. For me, the trick is to get the images aligned to each other and then just wait for your eyes to focus by themselves. Damn, that’s way better than 3d glasses.

Not on this one, you have to focus on a point between your eyes and the images. I guess it was this way because it’s easier to shift things more with the eye cossing method. For those who have trouble seeing it: go further back from the monitor.

If you’re still having trouble seeing it, this site explains the two methods of viewing a little better:

That’s really nice. I can see it very clearly. I’m curious to know if there is some special software you used, or if you use 2 slightly seperate camera positions. I tried to achieve this effect myself this afternoon after seeing your pic, with limited success.
Really nice.

Ok, took me about 3 seconds … I had to cross my eyes a little at first, just to get the third image in the center, but once I had that I just shifted my attention to that center image and … viola … 3D. I think my eyes were still crossed while I was viewing … not sure though … my eyes are crossed most of the time anyway.

I was gonna make a tutorial, but it’s actually really simple. I don’t know if this is the SCIENTIFIC method but here’s what I did:

  1. Take a normal render of your scene for the LEFT IMAGE.
  2. Go to the TOP VIEW of your scene.
  3. Now figure out what you want to appear on different LAYERS (not actual Blender layers) in the actual stereoscope.
  4. Number the ROWS (in your head).
  5. The furthest back would be 0 up to the front (for my image 5) for however many LAYERS your scene will have.
  6. All OBJECTS in the 0 LAYER, Leave alone.
  7. GRAB all OBJECTS in the 1 LAYER and using the ARROW KEY move to the RIGHT one time.
  8. For the 2 LAYER, GRAB and move twice, etc…
  9. Now for the GROUND, GRAB the VERTICES closest to the front and move RIGHT the number of the highest numbered LAYER.
  10. Render and save as RIGHT IMAGE.

If that’s confusing, maybe I will make a quick Tutorial.

It only takes a couple of minutes to do. Maybe we should make a seperate thread where everyone can try it with work they’ve done.

I think I understand everything except step 9 … not sure about the ground thing. A tutorial would be nice :slight_smile:

forgive me if i sound noobish, but it seems to me you might be able to get a similar effect if you render a pic, move the camera to the right a little, then render another pic, and them composite them side by side like you did…
maybe you could have the camera track to an empty that’s placed where you want the focal point to be?

I actually tried that first, but found that the deeper into an image an object was, the more subtle the effect(especially with the tress). I guess that’s the more REALISTIC way.

Here are the other two ways:

One of those would probably be better for more complex scenes like this:

Nice work superx10 :smiley: