Strubi's Unwrap Script - it works!

(MoreK) #1

I finally got the script working in Windows + Blender 2.23.

The package contains two Python directories: “mesh” and “util”. To make them working, you have to

  1. Install Python from I’m using version 2.0.1 which can be downloaded from Other versions might work as well, but I didn’t test them…

  2. Tell Blender to use Python scripts from a certain location. I installed Python to C:\Python20, and I told Blender to find scripts from C:\Python20\lib:
    2.1 Start Blender from beginning (CTRL-X)
    2.2 Drag down edit window upper frame (right down the menu bar)
    2.3 Type in the “Python” field: C:\Python20\lib\

  3. I also set PYTHONPATH environment variable for Windows, (it might not be needed to run this script, but just in case):
    3.1 Select Start-Run from Windows desktop
    3.2 Type “notepad c:\autoexec.bat”
    3.3 Type in a new line:
    3.4 Save & close & restart Windows

  4. Copy “mesh” directory to C:\Python20\lib\

  5. Copy “util” directory to C:\Python20\lib\mesh\

So, you have to copy “util” directory under “mesh” directory, that’s the trick! At least it worked for me.

  • MoreK -

(overextrude) #2

Not sure why it’s necessary to copy the util directory INTO the mesh directory, because they’re both separate on mine. In fact, I’m a little surprised this works at all, since references to pythondir/util are not the same as references to pythondir/mesh/util.

(MoreK) #3

Well it looks like some parts of the code contain “from xxx import yyy” statements, eg:

from util import vectools

Those statements didn’t work when “util” was in it’s original location.

And yes, it works for me, I have no other copies of util than c:\python20\lib\mesh\util.

Weird, I hope I new Python better.