Strubi's Unwrapper Script: Crashes 2.33a

The script runs fine initially, but when I click on ‘update’ blender crashes. This happens everytime I try it. I am using the official 2.33a build on Windows XP

Anyone else have this problem?

At least you have the script… I can’t seem to find it anywhere. … Could you tell me where to get it ?


I love google

If that mirror doesnt work I would be happy to set one up for you. The only thing is, I dont know if that is a legit thing to do…


The strubi’s script should have at least one lib compiled with a very very old version of python, it really can’t work with blender 2.33.

It worked fine for me when i used it recently,…i have python 2.2.3 i think, but the first couple of times i did it, it crashed. I can’t remember why, but I think I fixed it by changing the name of the target mesh to whatever the eagle head was, and renaming the eagle head to something else. I THINK this is what I did,…but it’s hard to remember these things exactly.

I’m afraid that the eagle blend crashes too :frowning:

Would it be possible for someone to update this script? This is a great tool for quick dirty unwraps.

This is not the strubi’s one , but the capsule unwrapper:

Capsule Unwrapper v1.0

by Armagan YAVUZ

Get latest version

#and info from:

Wow! Thanks JMS!