Structurally unsound building-test

I was playing around with the game engine earlier and wanted to share a test that didn’t take too long to set up. Done with logic bricks. I think I will try to keep working with it for a while to see if I get a better result. Here is the video

OK, here’s a follow up. Total of about 1,200 objects.

i don’t know why embedding the video is not working.

These tests are very good! It’s refreshing to see pieces of buildings breaking apart, rather than buildings simply constructed of blocks (of which I am also guilty of!).

How were your logic bricks set up?

Hey James, thanks. The logic bricks are really simple. Always/and/suspend dynamics, and then touch/and/restore dynamics. I moved substeps up to 5. The structure blocks are rigid body/.01 radius/collision bounds are convex hull with a margin of 0.0. After all set up I fractured different ones by a different number. What I also did was add a static ghost plane to stop the other object after it had crashed into the structure, so it did not go all the way through the structure. So that was set up as touch (material of plane)/and/end object. Some of the blocks were set to be static, but a few of them that did not crash down were rigid bodies. My hardware is pretty old, but I could see someone doing really cool things with better hardware. When I did this before I noticed a really good result after adding a particle system to simulate smaller debris. EDIT: to add, I think the second video is much better.

Would be really cool with some photo textures applied from projected views, then a little particle debris and a touch of smoke…

Sadly I have noooo idea how the game engine works :frowning: but this looks insane. Great work!

Ok, so now it looks like the more recent video is embedded now.

Thanks for your comment 3point. I have used a particle system before and it looked so much better. If I were going to use this for a project (which I might one day), then I would dedicate some real time to it. I wish so much I had a better computer as I have really been wanting to try smoke. Hopefully if anyone thinks this method of destruction is interesting they can put a lot of time into it and make it work well for their project.

You don’t always need to use driven smoke, that is smoke trails derived from mesh. Instead you can composite prerendered elements, like smoke on cards.

That’s a really good point. I’ll have to give it a try. Actually, I just clicked on your youtube link in your signature and look forward to learning some stuff from there. Thanks.

Thank you for that explanation, Frobenius! The new Rigid Body physics available in the main Blender GUI is great, but it’s certainly true that it doesn’t have some of the cool features that the Game Engine offers (at least I don’t think it does! Maybe with special scripts or coding, it’s possible).

Sorry for the delayed reply! I never check “notify me of replies”, because my inbox would be crammed full, so I have to remember to check back on threads I’ve commented on. The past few days I’ve been focusing on my video and updating my thread in the WIP sub-forum, and just plumb forgot to check the other sub-forums.

And that’s a very good suggestion, David! Often you can get away with using 2D elements and compositing, and save yourself a lot of time and work.