Structure sheets

Been cracking my nuts for hours while trying to figure out potentially best ways to achieve cool stuff for my game project in terms of visual capabilities within animation frames and optimization of everything by keeping it all with pretty low poly.
The way which came into my mind was about adding a bone per single vert to shape grid planes which eventually faded because it required too many bones.
Until I’ve just bumped into the most pleasing and satisfying way to my mind to achieve things.

And I decided to go for 8x6 grid mesh hooked to 3x8 armature.
And in this way I reduced 2/5ths in amount of armature bones that consists of 24 bones and
to be still able to manipulate any vertex point of 40 in order to achieve shapes.

The yellow bars are ment to be armature bones, and the red rectangles are
weight paint for each bone.
It is a bit tricky to form plane in order to topologize armature for my pre modelled geometry of mesh objects. And in this way by scaling and rotating individual bones I can get to shapes I need. Though by moving 1 bone, two verts are being moved which is not a biggie as I can still cope with it.
And in this way I guess I’ll be able to crank up more than one character or just variations as well as clothes, armor and even enemies I guess along with many other things.

Coolest thing about it will be that it will open widest gates towards visually achieving dents in mesh so that what gets spawned underneath of dent gets revealed to simulate visual damage of characters as wounds and other deformations.
And I guess this will be also a way for implementing possibilities for dismembering body parts during sword fights by unparenting stuff from main structure and even will allow to animate craziest destructive animations that are caused by explosions or bullets tearing off pieces once the damage exceeds a certain minimum of hit points along with many other wicked possibilities as growth of character or even its overall shape from gaining strength.

While on top of all of this, additions of keyframe shapes for armature revealed some sort of way for dynamic optimization which could get triggered by what is placed in inventory slots for some shapes to turn into clothing or pieces of armor so that pieces that were used to act as skin could end or shape into parts for forming clothes or armor to ease up the ram and even use same instance of the armatured sheet to be spawned into structure by making a scale flip on x axis for e.g. if x is hight and y is lenght towards forward and back with just timed animations to fit the cycle to make left or right parts of the character and rest of the stuff.

Wicked stuff, I’m totally mindblown.

Sounds very wicked! Hope that you’re buildiing a tutorial soon!!

Dismemberment … nice … 'tis but a flesh wound! :smiley:


I doubt that I am going to make a tutorial about it, as it is pretty much straight forward and understandable from written.

Basically first You’d need to rig the armature sheet.
Then shape the patched characters made out of same dimension sheets “topology reference models”. Then by setting the reference topology object with “draw all wires” tick and “wire” ticked… start shaping sheets bones into keyframes after keyframe along to patches form “topology reference sheets” or parts.
Once the sheets armature has been set to work as a single user as well as the main structure armature to change shapes, I guess the “hit object” lines for python script will get it to switch props individually while the armature of sheet itself should be hooked up with property play actuator and tested that it works.
Then If the main armature to which sheets get mounted to is set as a sensor in case has sensor object/s that can in theory even be actioned to change positions depending on structure that it acts for in current case and has levelled props to which the spawned in sheets would parent to or respond to make shape change animations… even some messages may be involved… I guess You can imagine the rest if You’ve got at least some knowledge about logic editor.
Possibilities are endless.
And btw, If the main structure armatures sensor object moves within its local position which adds sheets and tell them to what to parent to - moves at least few frames to change position - I guess the term “3D rendering” could possibly fit to it. Or maybe complectation if i’ve got the spelling right.
There could also be some malfunctions depending on speed of how fast it has been set to function but it really depends on logic setups to approach cases in which more than 1 or 5 sheets makes the whole part. Therefor even custom drivers can be used to spawn them in which could be method of “objectx” going from A to B while passing through certain objects in its way to be set with sending particular messages to structures. While what gets in way of “objectX” also can be actioned on Y axis if “ObjectX” from A to B is motioning on for e.g. X axis.
You’d just have to joggle with combinations of armature purposes and shapes of sheets basically.
Yes it may be tricky but come on - if players armature with sheets serves for creating enemies, allies, monsters. Same for gatherable stuff and customization stuff.
I think it is worth jumping into that lift hole to get stuck or hanged in countless wires of logic eventually to get to something unimaginable on Your computer.

Blenderartists, blender.stackexchange and devtalk.blender forums are filled with useful info if You get to defining your issues right in searches to find topics and stuff. Besides often You’re too lucky that people help and answer questions. And ofc, reading posts of users is also very important because there You can also find amazing things.
And while browsing or searching it is also good to keep in mind CTR+F option for finding keywords to check for particular things You’re looking for.
Even if You’re hunting for few lines on many tabs of Your browser for Python with hopes of
hash tag and explanations of those lines.

Apart from that, I am not a professional. I’m still a total noob in Blender and Python but I’ve found quite a few unimaginably useful scripts which allows me to combine knowledge to feel positive towards achieving something what I’ve intended for making a cool doodle or an arcade thingy.
And ofc I’ll have to keep in mind my credits button to fit in all of the names that I’ll try to reminisce to put down with thanks for shining some light in this world of darkness.

Also just a fact that You maybe won’t see this way of making stuff in most of tutorials, or issues in posts of some newbie members which kept constantly looping in my mind after learning quite of amazing thing or Blenders feature in first place.
While I had to apply my own imagination in order to find the right approach for my intentions and make a decision to proceed while pioneering through with what is possible to achieve by logic or Python and all the rest of Blenders amazing implemented possibilities. Because in any game that You may log in to ask some questions about how they achieve stuff - I doubt that You would receive any answer and will be ignored because those people know what are addictions of playing games which for them matters the most and is the reason why they may just ignore You.

Everyone seem to be doing things the way they’ve been taught to weight paint from tutorials.
And I understood the possibilities after learning how to weight paint but later on I realized that You cannot achieve that much to be pushed to add extra armatures for 3D fx effects if You want to go for them and so on which will end up weighing a lot instead of this way of making more out of the existing data.

Apart from that, I really wish to squeeze in a lot. And allow player to play for a good while before unloading loot and even be able to store a fair amount of goodies for arranging groups of bots
and even upgrading them by sharing because many may be struggling and loosing their stuff because of defeats just as my AI bot which I am planning to program just as a virtual player without any handicaps to see later how many of them I could squeeze in or spawn in some parts of towns or drag through map loads.

Realized also that unconnected armature bone structure will also fit for shaping it for many types of 2, 4 and 6 legged or 2 4 or 6 hand creatures and mutant armature skeletons and by combining structures of rear armatures by spawning them in along with these planes to take shapes in a manner of array principle to even make Centipedes.
In this way there would be maybe no more than few bits of armature on layer 2 as 1 for hand, wrist to elbow, elbow to shoulder to attach to bodies all hooked up for that single sheet that works for tonnes of stuff at cost of literally nothing but their extra bits of keyframes for colour change and shapes and not that much of frames for idles and movement which will only result as making space for putting in more for bots brain so they can sell, buy, stock, craft, choose their spot for placing their house and even their private vendor and who knows maybe even to change their skill set template depending on their available items they may stash from looting.
And also so they can stock items for those who have lost everything because I may not even go for implementing things like insurance just to keep my game more sneaky, risky and more interesting to play.
So much to think about of how much i’ll be able to squeeze in for 8gb of ram. And I guess the maps should also be made in a way in which they are kept small, and in that way to load more often to change and prompt user with some informative bits about next loaded environment and creatures within while taking in consideration the progress of the player. While keeping in mind that from the current map in which the player is currently in, it should visually see scenes closing in as the player gets in some direction to get to what it can see in scenes as hills, caves etc.
And ofc. the same type of things I am planning to use for vegetation, stones, and other things which obviously will be chopped of, gathered for materials and will need to be planted or digged out to see more in places as parts of map assets without talking about what a relief this will give towards variation of house customization assets.
And once again on top of it all, this way of optimization I guess will also be the key for making more space to be able to squeeze in things like slow motion which could be included thematically written in for special abilities of character for moments when the hell is breaking loose at You to take decisions or preparing for striking vulnerable body parts to inflict crits that could dismember parts before creature dies for bigger impressions I guess.

I’m totally smacked to bananas of how amazing Blender is.
Flesh wound, Bomboclat. I am even planning to shape those sheets into prosthetic and robotic arms with props and even legs to implement traumas and usage of dismembered body parts for taking them to healers which could stitch the player back together if their blood type is right :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A long time ago I loved to play Ultima online game, because I really liked the set of intellectual properties of the game. In which dismemberment also was possible after defeating enemy player.
But unfortunately if You’re with skillset which is beneficial to others on one of Your characters with which You’d play, then by stepping into a guild, most of the times You’d be dictated or told off not to touch the champ so that the tank attacker goes for the artie which in many cases could end up with result of You not getting the artifact. And if You’d play a solo PK (player killer) It would be hard or impossible to raid a group of players. Context of game after all is stretched for long progression with many veteran awards for which account gets prompted to drop after months of playing.
Coolest thing about the game was the luck property which would increase intensity of props in items after slaying a foe. And I very liked the Physical, Fire, Cold, Poison and Energy elemental resistances as well as the damage. While for my project I am planning to go for Armor instead of Physical. And also have all 4 rest of the elemental resistances for hell of possibilities of switching colours of material and PNGs and other stuff for diversity. Just have to try to be different to come up with unique ways how to make my projects property set to look as unique as possible towards other properties. And I guess to try to avoid magic, but aim more towards advanced technology which expresses as magic so that I could go for combinations of words as Techmage, and Nanomancer etc. because I totally loved these characters with super cool abilities and spells. Imagine, the game even had Ninja, Samurai and other weird characters as Paladin. The stealth skill and hiding was totally lol to play with. Games skill tree was totally amazing and quite large which I guess I am planning to use as my vector and use ways of random generation to imitate AI player choices based on evaluation of what they’ve got to get them to want, need and even just bust a thought bubble and taking time off their progression and do their purpose of being a lure for the player by doing interesting stuff within maps.
Mention about UO game just because I love rpg genre, while in fact my heart gamewise mostly belongs to q2 because of the movement in the game and the rocket jumps, double jumps and things like that. And I guess if i’ll manage to get multiple view switch for camera for it to be playable from 1st person view as well as from 3rd with changeable camera distance and follow - I gues i’ll be fine to dwell in my art because even I wont know what I may get from the system of generation which will be only a surprise and a good background for my hobby of being a musician to make interesting videos from my game animation reels or the quest line and other things.
But, because of the fact that the uo game was very hard for playing solo because of guilds and parties I decided to steer my mind towards replicating real online characters as AI bots which I will try to make as advanced as possible for interaction book chart of the project which would contain things to ask, propose, and stuff like that to keep the Tamagotchi friend or enemy AI bots in potentially more interesting shape than real online players.