Structure WIP

Bare begginings, and not much to look at either, but I thought I might as well start a thread for this.

This structure is just the beggining, once I’m done with this one I’ll go onto the next one untill I have an entire town (hopefully)

Also I’m going for realism here, so crits are definitely more then welcome :smiley:

Heres my start:

Its a screen shot, so no OSA, this just shows what I’m up to, I’ll post a render once I’ve done more.


Looks good. I hope you add lots of details. Some plants or something.

What type of structure is it the start of? I have some difficulty to guess, right now. I think it’s too early to give any criticism or comment for the moment, but I hope to see some updates soon :slight_smile:



Modron: Definitaly going to add a lot of details :smiley:

olivS: To be honest I’m not sure what you would call this building, but you’ll see soon enough as to how it fits in the rest of the seen, thanx for commenting! :smiley:

More updates coming soon!


More updates!

Started doing the engraving, for this I’m using a bumpmap.
Since I’m not finished I have colour coded it, the cyan is the places where there won’t be any engraving and the green is where there will, and oviously where there is engraving…there is engraving :smiley:

What do you think?


I think green is the completely wrong color for the underside of a building

also, blue on the outside? buildings of that size are usually beige or white

I’m not sure these are final colors, only a guide for further texture placement. Sometimes I act the same way in pre-renders, but even then, I try to choose colors that matches the future result, only to keep an eye on the coulour balance of the scene.


z3r0 d:


I try to choose colors that matches the future result, only to keep an eye on the coulour balance of the scene.

I like to use colours that stand out, otherwise I sometimes forget where there is a texture and where there isn’t.

By the way I’ve used nor for now to save on render time, but later I’ll displace the bumpmap so it looks realistic.

More to come!


Another update!

Did the engraving under the roof, might change it later on (thats why I love using textures for these things, a lot easier to change things around)

This update can be found here

More to come!


Nice, I can’t wait till you have it finished.

mystery00, looks like you’re going for a greek like temple, is that right?
the pattern on the ceiling is kind of weird… it looks too “techie” to be right… to straight…

That engraving on the ceiling looks like a sci-fi thing somehow… and the image you’re using will need a higher resolution for a bump map. Other than that… wait, there isn’t much other than that yet. What’s the foundation of this structure going to look like? It would be nice to see that.

mr_rob: thanx, I can’t wait either :smiley:

Goeland86: I guess it does have some resemblance to a greek type structure, but this is straight out of my own imagination. I’m trying to mix a bit of sci-fi into my scene, so its ok that the pattern on the ceiling looks a bit “techie”.


and the image you’re using will need a higher resolution for a bump map.

I haven’t thought of that, it seemed high enough, but I’ll follow your advice.
I’m starting work on the foundation now, thankyou for commenting.

More to come!


While I was buisy with school the thread seems to of gone off the front page, so to bring it back he’s a minor update:

Click here to see it

Just one more thing to do and then I will start on the foundation of this structure…

Stay stuned!

More to come!


if you seek intremediate effect from classical greek-temple and sci-fi stuff, a cool idea could be to make the engravings in a blue or green glowing colour (you know, exactly the same kind of colors like in the Tron original movie…).
It’s just an idea for the future developments of your WIP, as it is obvious you won’t do it very soon even if you agree with this idea.

olivS: Thankyou for the idea but I already have an almost complete plan for this and I think I’ll stick with it.

Here’s an uptate on my progress:

Click here to see

and here’s a closeup of the new object

time to do the foundation :smiley:


nice shrine… you gonna put flames in it?
It looks really cool like that.
Keep up the good work, it’s coming along nicely

the more you go with it, the more it gets an “atlantean” feel to it… half-greek, half-mayan… well, before Atlantis has sunk, of course! :smiley:

I hope to see more soon…


I’m having a bit of trouble with the foundation, so instead I worked more on the texturing, The caustics in the water were made with the Caustics Generator v1.3
I also re-modeled the pillars.

Update can be found here

C&C are always welcome :smiley:


The pilars look better :slight_smile: but the new angle of viewing hides all the details of your structure… surely it emphasizes the pool and the water texture but I’m not sure it’s better for teh evaluation of the structure, which is the main topic :-?