Structures UPDATE:June-21

In a fit if fury I’ve decided to create something that proves I ain’t that bad at Blender! LoL

This is about 3 hrs of work… most of that 3 hours was me trying to think of what to do! LoL

SO anyhoo… C&c’s greatly appreciated.

and BTW, that dot between the 2 structures… it represents scale… that’s a wee little person! !w00t!

You’re not that bad… :wink: even if your face models don’t look exactly like you’d like, they are fairly good ! anyway, it’s not only the modelling that will prove a face to be feminine, but also a body, a gesture, a texture…

And now back to your buildings: the scene is quite simple for now. Everything seems bevelled but the features are too much geometrical to my taste. I’ll wait to see at least basic texturing before commenting more (I hate flashy colors! :wink: )


It kind of looks like the towers are leaning a bit. Try changing the angle of the camera.

If you really want to show a sense of scale, then put maybe a large crowd around the buildings, and make it blatently obvious they are people and not flowers or something.

Good work, keep it up.

This is actually coming out better than I anticipated! LoL !w00t!

ima gonna add some trees and all in the next update, prolly later today since no work! YAYAY

done with AO.


As I always say… as long as there aren’t many comments… I know it’s lookin’ good lol

but anyhoo… C&C’s? lol

I prefer the previous render to the latest one: too much graininess, certainly due to low AO sample value, I guess.

When will we have a few true textures put on these good models? Don’t want to be harsh but the green and the blue are… err… ugly ? :expressionless:

Other than that, I appreciate the modeling. As I pointed out in another previous WIP, the building was looking like an atlantean one. The patterns on the ground of your WIP reminds me exactly the same thing ;o)

Do you plan some close-ups to your scene, or only bird-views? Perhaps some ships on the wharf?


I spent like all day today working on that stupid water! LoL


Ah…much better. Now you should use a more fitting sky texture, and put things in the water. In the end, it’s the little details that really let this kind of scene stand out.

nice, but the bevel on the buildings is WAY too soft, it makes them look very small.

the trees are too regular, maybe make say about 12 of them and randomize them up a bit.

what was your process for the trees you have now? they look simple but they come off pretty well, i’m impressed
I added a boat in the water and some more ppl at the waterfront… but I’m not too sure where to go about from here. Any suggestions?

This was just a quick render…

TRAITOR:I used a bunch of metaballs. LoL

Try to hide the horizon, i think mist can do the job here: If set at the same color than sky