Struggling into our orbit

Hey everyone
We have a little problem.
Since hours/days we are trying to simulate a re-entry scene into our orbit in blender.
We are trying to get the result you can see on the picture.
Is there anyone with an idea how we can achieve this look and possibly improve our approach?

In the current version we are using a smoke simulation rendered as a png sequence, which was then put on a half sphere in front of the spaceship, which is also using a emission and color ramp to get the fire/glow look, but we are not happy with the result.

Now we are trying a real simulation in Blender where we put a fire/smoke emission in front of our spaceship, but we just can’t seem to get the result we need. The smoke is always trying to connect back together, once it passes the collision object and we are struggling to get those straight smoke lines which you can see in the gravity scene
Also we cant seem to get the glowing front right, in case anyone got an idea for that