Struggling to figure out mapping coords

Here’s the issue

Object I’m texturing: imported as one obj from an export of a 3d Coat scene. Every separate object merged into one obj but maintained separate material IDs/elements. So I went through each sub-object and applied the same texture to everything. But as you can see, it looks ok one some planes and stretched on others.

I’m just getting to grips with texture coordinates in Blender so I’m guessing it’s some basic setting in the Tex Coords node or the Mapping node? Kinda just looking for some kind of basic cube/box mapping situation. Feel like it’s only mapping in 1 dimension.

Your Image Texture node is set to ‘Flat’ projection… perhaps ‘Box’ is what you’re looking for.

yeah I totally thought that would be it, but changing to that does nothing at all for some reason.

‘Nothing at all’ is pretty difficult to believe… :confused:
Perhaps you’re scaling the coordinates wrong… setting a scale of ~100 in ‘Texture’ mode is not the same as scaling it in ‘Point’ mode… The previous scales the texture (the coordinate are scaled down), the other scales the coordinate system up.

ah, you know what the issue was? I have several maps (base col, roughness, etc.) and so when I changed the base col from flat to box, you couldn’t see the difference, but when I changed all the maps to box, only then could you notice. Awesome, thanks.