Struggling to resolve what I think is a vertex issue

Having created this geometry I messed something up, and now I can’t get the right side to match the left. A subsurf modifier showed something was wrong.
The only place I can see any difference between the right and left are these vertices

Iv’e battled for a while trying to resolve this - I’ve tried deleting the face and re-filling it, deleting it and duplicating the one on the left, deleting the edge and duplicating the left…
I deleted the right half of the geometry and tried to duplicate and position it but that wasn’t working. Also tried to mirror it. It creates a mirror but I can’t get the two to join.
The problem I think stems from the central join between the left and right, as initially it was created by a mirror modifier, which left a slight gap that I thought I had resolved by joining individual vertices (in retrospect I knew that was a bad idea, I just didn’t have the know-how to join them correctly).
Thinking the joining issue (with a mirror mod) might work I tried subdividing along the inner edge of the left side, but the line doesn’t go all the way around and I don’t think that selecting it all manually will work when it comes to snapping the two pieces together.
I’d really like to resolve this challenge (and maybe gain experience) instead of starting over.
Cheers :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

HI, send a link to the file and i be able to let you know the best fix.

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Thanks digivisions, when you say send a link where do you mean? Don’t think I can upload it here someplace can I?

it’s free up to 20 GB

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Switch your measuring system to metric and millimeters (optional)

Select all verts in Edit mode with A
Do and Alt+M and merge by distance
Change the Merge Distance to 6mm bottom left
This gets rid of 50 duplicates. Deselect everything.
Switch to Edge mode and do Select>Select all by trait>Non-manifold

This will highlight your remaining problem areas. For example, near where you identified as the problem area above, there’s an edge that will be highlighted. If you delete that edge you will notice the face it appears to cut through remains. Select the two verts that were on either side of it and press J to join them instead of F.

There are a couple of similar problem areas at the “back”

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Yes as above, lots of duplicate vertices,edges, and it makes it easier to mirror if you model in world centre.
here is the link to your file with some improvements: this one

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See all that little dots in face mode, right between two faces?


those are double faces. You have non manifold geometry. Delete all of them and retry (“select non manifold” is your friend here)

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Thanks John Malcolm, I will work through your suggestions and see how well I land on the other side

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Thanks digivisions, that looks awesome.
I’m working on v2.79 so couldn’t open in that (a bit surprising) but I have v8.2 so that worked.
I’ll work out how to import your corrected object into my project but most likely I’ll work at correcting my initial one so that I’m understanding what’s what.
I really appreciate your help, wasn’t expecting anyone to go out of their way as you did.
Kudos man

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I don’t know if anyone has made it clear but those dots in your first image are not vertices. Perhaps you are misunderstanding something about modelling. Vertices are at the corners of a polygon (usually a quad but not always). When you are in face select mode the dot is in the middle of the face and is not a vertex. You can’t actually see the individual vertices when you are in edge select or face select mode.


No problem, it’s easy when you know how. :wink:

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Yes thanks so much, I finally figured that out!