Struggling with car topology

Hi there.

I started this car yesterday, but this white stain appeared in the red circle. Looks unnatural, I can’t fix it.

Check two things.
Its most likely double geometry, two (or many)planes occupying the same space.
Check the normals on those planes as well.

Checked the double geometry, its okay. I have no knowledge about normals, here is a pic.

have you recalculated norml’s outside?you can also go into top view after you select the edges in that area and see if they are aligned properly.don’t fret though modelling cars is no easy task!good luck

Well the nornals are all stickin out in the right direction, I assume it leaves a hole when you delete the face.
In the 3d viewport OpenGL image you will sometimes see aberrances like that, check by to see if it goes away when you render.
Running a face loop thru that section might soften the geometry enough to fix or elucidate the problem.

Hello, maybe share your file (at least this part) so that we can check? Also maybe you should improve your topology a bit even though your problem must not have to do with this:


Yes, and the edges look fine.

The problem persists at rendering and with loop subdivide.

Of course: (can’t upload here)

I don’t think there’s anything wrong, it’s just the shape, but again you should improve the topology

I’m having trouble modeling this shape that you previously mentioned, can you explain to me how to improve?

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Your curve looks rather good so I kept it. You can use the knife (K to activate, C to cut orthogonally, Z to cut through, E to continue, Enter to validate), also you’ll need to use J to join and some X > Dissolve Edges:



Once you smooth your object (right click > Shade Smooth) it looks good:


I think it didn’t work

move the vertices a bit to improve the shape, if it still doesn’t work, cut this part, create a circle, cut it, place it where it is supposed to be placed and join to the rest of the mesh

I still can’t fix

do you have a topology guide? or can explain to me step by step?

Again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the shading, you are in Solid shading, so the way the object is displayed is not realistic, it is made to easily see how your mesh looks like, you can switch to another mode, and you’ll see that everything seems good:

except again, the part where your topology is not good, but that’s not what you were pointing at:


that’s why it’s better to improve your topology as I did it before

Maybe what bothers you is that the surface is a bit twisted:


in that case just select one or 2 vertices and move them:


I will proceed with the project, thanks for helping me