struggling with fluids

Hi everyone,
This is my first post but i’ve been a good visitor to this forum :slight_smile:
I recently learned fluids and i wanted to create something that looks like this:

i just want the fluid effect… i don’t wanna break any glasses :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been experimenting with different settings but the water doesn’t stick together, it splashes very quickly… when i increase the viscosity, it doesn’t want to move… i tried reducing the gravity, but it either splashes violently or doesn’t move at all… anyone can suggest some settings? here is some of my experiments:


Just wanted to say your not alone but sadly i can’t help you.:no:

You might try increasing the Realworld- size in your Domain settings (click the Ad button). By default the size is set to 0.030 meters. Try changing it to something more realistic like 1.0 meters. Also, I wonder if the shape of your pilsner, with its conical interior, will ever create the same graceful curve as the more spherical wine glass in your reference pick?

That is exactly what you have to do.