Struggling with framerate workflow, please help

Hi guys, im doing an product animation in Blender. Its mainly zooms, pan, rotations based around 1 product. I want to render out the shots I need, then import them into Premiere/After effects and apply speedramping/slomotion for some of the transitions between the shots. However…im not entirely sure which shots. Because of this, im struggling a bit with the framerates I should use in Blender (and in general). So i have some questions about this

  1. general question: Normally, animations are delivered to the client in 24 or 25 fps right (im in europe)

  2. general question: so normally, you would use 25 fps in Blender for your shots yes?

  3. but for speed ramping / slow motion in premiere, its better to use 50fps material… So do you use
    50fps in blender for the shots that will have speedramping/slowmotion?

  4. or is there a way to do everything in 50 fps in blender? So you can choose later which shots will have speedramping/slowmotion? I know if you interprate 50 fps to 25fps in Premiere, it will drop frames so it wont look smooth anymore… but maybe there is a workaround for this?

  5. Finally, how does motion blur work for this? Should I turn it on in Blender ? I feel like it needs to be on for the normal shot… but off for the speedramp/slowmo shots.

Any help will be appreciated… thanks!

New Blender user here, but I’ve done professional 3d work.

  1. 25 fps in Europe.

  2. Yes

  3. If there is time for it then I would render in Blender. It will look better than doing a speed ramping in post. Look for Time Remapping where you set resolution and fps. Set Old to 25 (your original fps you animated with) and set New to whatever. If New is set to 100, the animation will be 4 times slower. you will need to increase render range, so it matches.

  4. You will need to render dedicated motion vector, so you can do motion blur in post. Not sure what the options are for Blender. Rendered MB will look best, but take longer to render. I don’t think speedramping will introduce decent MB.

Whatever you do, I think you should use MB with low value so the product doesn’t get too obscured by the blur. I would probably go with Shutter at 0.35 or a bit lower.

I hope my input was useful.

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