Struggling with lighting my scenes

I’m 5 weeks into my Blender journey and I find myself in a position where I spend many hours on the modelling and shading but then when it comes to the lighting of the scene I really struggle. Often I just end up saving my work and starting something new. It’s really frustrating as I have already accumulated a dozen uncompleted mini projects.

As an example

Can someone with some experience in lighting advice what sort of lighting was done for the attached picture please?

Thanks in advance.

That could be done as easily as a 3 light set up where you have the Main Light to the Right with strong Power, the Back Light to the Left with medium power, and a fill light with low power from Camera view to lessen the harsh shadows…

and then you could go all out and add a seamless light bounce as you see in studios, and well as a studio HDRI mixed with a light blue for the background…

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Thanks very much for your reply. I will try your suggestion and report back with my results.
Much appreciated.

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Welcome to my hell! I just throw an HDRI image based light on the World shader when I get tired and give up. Sucks for stylized stuff though.