struggling with soft body physics...


i have some problems with a soft body animation. well, i thought it should be relatively simple to simulate this, but after fiddling around for some hours i could need some advice from a physics expert :wink:

what i want to achieve is a kind of rotating rubber cylinder, that deforms while a collision body is moved beneath it. thats waht i have come so far:

problems: the cylinder is jiggeling. it should be more stiff. while ist should deform smoother according to the collision object. okay, the result is not too bad for my needs, but i have no idea how to improve it a liitle bit further.

perhaps some of you might have a short tip for me, would be very great!

I think you overmodelled your cilinder, lengthwise it consists of about 32 segments, while 4 segments should work.
I did a quick test, and my cilinder shows a gradual curve across the moving bars.

thanks a lot! this indeed is a very good tip. i thougt the cylilnder must be even quads to simulate correctly, but it definitely must not :wink:

while your tip allows me to control the gradual curve better, there was another point i discovered: i had to lower the values for the collision object significantly in “Soft Body and Cloth”, which controls the “Inner and Outer Face Thickness”. Seems this helped a lot to prevent my collision abject from penetrating the cylinder!

What you are trying to achieve is a bit in between solid body and soft body, so be prepared to apply the rule creatively…