Struggling with the measure tool

I struggle with the measure tool. If I click in the middle of it and it starts measuring angles, then I hit return, is there any way to ever turn it back into a ruler?

Is there any way to determine where it appears the first time you use it? It always seems to be placed randomly somewhere.

What measure tool are you using?

I’m using the basic thing in the Grease Pencil pallet called “ruler/protractor”. Once you press return, it’s locked in wherever it was left and I can’t see a way to reset it.

I would love a more comprehensive tool because I do a lot of technical work, but the measuring add-on that other people have talked about is apparently no longer included with Blender and I couldn’t even find it to download.


One thing I found is that the enter key on the num pad doesn’t work well. At this point you can use enter click a new item for the grease pencil and it will save the results for you. You need to grab the end points of the line if you want to move it around because the protractor uses the middle line grab.

Other than that the results should be displayed at the bottom of your screen. I hope that helps.