Struggling with the NLA editor

Hi guys,

Currently, I’m working on a short film and I’m relatively new to the NLA editor. The problem is I can’t get the character to stand where I want. If I have a couple of NLA strips across the timeline and playback the whole animation, it will look good. But say next time I open Blender, the poses are screwed. The character is positioned elsewhere so I fix it up again. Then after adding some more strips later on in the animation, the earlier strips screw again. I hope I’m making sense. At times when I fix a pose and it looks good, and I set it as an NLA strips, it screws again. It’s really frustrating to work with the NLA editor.

Also, is there any way to sort of lock or “bake” all the action strips into one action or something so that I won’t be guaranteed of screwed poses every random time?

Here is a little sample using the NLA editor. Note that there is <no action> attached to the rig, it is all animated using NLA. My prediction is that you have an animation in the slot (showing up as red and snowflaked in the NLA editor) which will take precedence and seemingly stuff up your animation.


runcycle.blend (359 KB)