Struggling with weight paint and armatures


I trying to get the hang of armatures and weight painting and I wondered if someone could help please.

I’m trying to rig a model of a scorpion and I have all the armatures created in the positions I want legs, tail etc. I created the legs each by named vertex groups and assigned them to the appropriate armature and they seem to work fine.

I did the same thing with the tail and claws but when I try to pose, some vertices get left behind (see pic). I know a bit about weight paint but I can’t seem to select the armature I want to alter and the other armatures seem to stay selected (see picture 3).

Is there someway of selecting/deselecting the armatures?

I have attached the actual file as well if it helps

Thanks in advance


first make sure that the claw bone has full influence on all of the claw mesh vertices, and second make sure that no other bones on the armature have any influence on the claw. and btw great model :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile: