Stubborn rotate manipulator

Hi all,
while on a rigging job, I had to deal with the rotate manipulator more than I do on average, and I noticed that it doesn’t respond as I’d expect, mainly when I’m wanna rotate on an axis. When I click one of the colourful circles to rotate it, I hardly ever get the axix I’d expect to be constrained working. It appears to me as if Blender was a sort of interpolating the probability of the wanted axis based on the view angle because whe I play with the view a bit I finally get it working, but it’s slowing me down, and also slightly driving mne mad. Is there anything I could do about this, to get it work? Or is it a correct behavior?

I haven’t used to 3D Manipulator for a while now.
I found it obstructs the view to much.
But I just tested it and there’s no problems at all.
Maybe it’s the orietation it’s set at. (Global/Local/Normal/View)
So try those out.

Maybe the computer was just lagging.
You shouldn’t have subsurf on when animating, maybe that was the cause of the problem?

I definitely get the rotation on the normal axis, which is what I want, I just have problems with selecting the axis i want to constrain the rotation to. I have no problems with lagging, just with making Blender rotate the bone on the axis I want it to, no on an axis blender thinks I want to use.
It’s really obstructing the view anyway, but is there any orher way to constrain a normal axis of a bone while rotating? I mean something like pressing “X”, but to make it normal?

I don’t know how you’d make it normal, but yes, you can press x/y/z to rotate on those axis.

Just press X (or Y, or Z) twice to go to local (or if you’re animating bones, normal) constrained rotation. You can also hit r a second time to go to trackball rotation, which can be handy for quick and general rotation placements.

I agree with Cire792… Your Transform Orientation is in the wrong mode…

Another thing to check: Is your rotation/scaling pivot set to an unwanted mode? I typically use the 3D cursor as my pivot in my workflow, but I sometimes use the other modes. The problems as you describe them sounds like what I see when I have the wrong pivot mode selected.

Also like Cire792, I haven’t used the on-screen translate/rotate/scale manipulator since my very early days of Blender.


‘G’ to Grab (translate),
‘R’ to Rotate,
‘S’ to Scale,

…each followed by ‘X’, ‘Y’, or ‘Z’ to constrain along an axis, and/or by numeric input to provide exact values for the transformation. Do yourself a favor and hit that little finger-pointing hand icon in the 3D View header and say goodbye to the 3D manipulator forever.

Thanks to you all for replies, but I assure you that I have all the pivot settings and so on precisely as I want them to be. I use the manipulator only when I need some manipulations aligned to normal axes, like rotating bones. Thanks to Captain Oblivion for the keys, now I can get rid of the manipulator (I hope). But the Rotate manipulator is still weird…