stubborn uv image ..ugh

Well, i have been fighting with this for a while, and not been able to find any answer, so, perhaps someone could please make me feel stupid :o

anyway, i was learning how to uv map on a texture, and it was all good. I loaded the image into the image window type (sorry, don’t know specific name, but the window type with the face icon), and now i can’t get rid of the image. I no longer want it, and it is messing up my rendering for this and that reason. If i delete it with the ‘x’ next to the image window, the blend file still remembers it. Even if i save it when no object is using the image, and then quit and reload blender, it still remembers the image. I just want blender to forget this texture even exists, so that i can move it to different computers, and render it, without the renderer looking for the texture that might not even exist.

i know this is probably longwinded, and a stupid question to begin with, but, hopefully it makes at least a little sense. Thanks for all the past help with this forum, and the future help i will definitely need before i even render something i am proud enough of showing up here.

allison :slight_smile:

If you select the object with the UV map, is the image still visible in the image window? If so, try switch to another one (or none). That will unlink it, and saving should then delete it from the .blend.


thanks, i finally figured it out. I had un-linked it to most faces, but apparantly there were a few hiding out.
thanks :slight_smile: