Stubby Bob

(Steve Harlow) #1

Howdy, this is a 3d replica of Roadkill’s Stubby Bob. A 1949 Ford F6 truck with 30 inches taken off the wheelbase, a vortec 8100 big block with a Weiand 8-71 supercharger put over the rear axle, and hella wheelie potential added in.

This is the counterpart to my PRR T1 model for my demo reel. All bob needs is the engine block to be finished off, a radiator, a basic model of the transmission, because who cares, and the body/interior, which is order of magnitude the simplest part left. Frame down is 100% done, rigging included, which ill post next.

Get hyped.

(Steve Harlow) #2

Rig is the same setup as the T1, changed up for a car.

Axles are solid, so you have the base location control for uniform position on the ground at the bottom. With two tilt controls as children. The axle is parented to one, and always points at the other. Raise and lower either to suit the terrain.

Steering setup is pretty self explanitory. Basic Ackerman geometry on a solid axle, same tilt/ground setup as the rear.

basic COG tilt setup on the frame for body control. Axles are children of the root, so the two act independently. works pretty good.

(Steve Harlow) #3

Motor is a Chevy Vortec 8100, which is an updated Big block 502 with LT1 style improvments on the intake manifold and heads. Plus a Weiand 8-71 blower with Holley HP 950 CFM carbs, and an MSD ignition system and some pretty swell pipes.

The block needs finishing, but the engine is otherwise done. The carbs are as accurate as could possibly be done without technical drawings. Once the engine’s finished and on the truck i’ll rig all the linkage to properly work.

All hail our dark lord of boost. Hallowed be thy name, hail Weiand.

(Falconius) #4

Haha very cool. Stubby Bob is a great choice. Of course Roadkill offers up a ton of great choices :slight_smile:

(elbriga) #5

awesome! pretty insane level of detail there

(Steve Harlow) #6

Thanks man.

And yeah roadkill is great. When i have some money i want to build my own draguar with an LS1, t56 and broadspeed areo kit. Slap some 315 hoosiers on there, bulk up your springs/sway bars and you got an old school style race car that could butcher a new ferrari. I got a buddy with a series 2 XJ12, which come complete with Turbo 350 suspension mounts, and a LSD which is factory rated for over 400 ft pounds, though i suspect it’s good for way more than that.


(Steve Harlow) #7

She’s got tail lights now. We’re both road legal, and the frame down is 100% done.

(Steve Harlow) #8

We gots u joints up in here

(Freefall_89) #9

Looking killer so far man! Also loved this roadkill episode :slight_smile:

(Steve Harlow) #10

Man i turn my back for ten minutes and a rig happened. The neighborhood is going to hell, i’ll tell you what.

(Steve Harlow) #11

Boy howdy engine blocks are not fun to replicate.

(Steve Harlow) #12

Witness me.

(jakeblended) #13

This is pretty awesome. I’m kind of turning over in my head the idea of a project very like this (a vehicle with a detailed engine and chassis rather than just a body and wheels), so seeing what you’ve done so far is really inspiring.

(Steve Harlow) #14

motor’s in, carbs are rigged (apart from the float valves because jesus christ) and we’re very nearly there.

(ajcdfin) #15

Really nice on all the details - specially the engine & carbs. Just a small crit & fyi on the bolts that hold the carb throttle base plate to the main body - those bolts come up through the throttle plate into the main body. You done such a great job its the only thing I pick-on, LoL. Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see the steel braided line & anodized finish.

(Yusuf Raja) #16

Great work. you’re real inspiration to me.
i would love to know how you model and then rig.
and once again, good work!

(Steve Harlow) #17

I can’t really say anything more helpful than “one part at a time” really.

While i’m here, the radiator’s done. Just needs hose clamps on the hoses and plumbing. Then all that’s left mechanically is the transmission. And doesn’t that just sound like oodles of fun.

(Steve Harlow) #18

Well shit. They went and changed the actual truck. New front end, cage, wheelie bar and god knows what else.


(Falconius) #19

I don’t know if you are following Finnigan on facebook but he had a few good shots of the truck in the feed.

(Steve Harlow) #20

Yeah, saw it. But I ain’t gonna replicate it. I’m going for stubby as it appeared in the original wheelie episode. I think it’s a better look and fuck it i’ve done enough work already.