Stucci and Noise Basis

I try to set Noise Basis in Stucci texture but this option is grayed out and not avaliable.
Is there something i must do to activate it or is it just the heading for the list ?

Since there is so many that has read this but don’t have an ansver i will try to clearify hov i get this. I’m a bit new to 2.6 and blender in general.

I see the same if i start with the default screen w/ cube and then select textures
Stucci. On basic i try to select Noise Basis but it is grayed out. It already have a matrial.

Hmm. with 66 read and nobody care to try to answer and point out what I have found out. That the grayed Noise Basis on top of the select list is just a heading for the types of noise options listed.

If someone disagree, you are velcom to post your comment :slight_smile:

Version 2.62, r 44475, win here. Stucci Basis can be selected normally. Try to download another build from, maybe…

Hi Thanks for answering.

I checked my blender and itwas 2.62.0. r 44136.
I downloaded it again and still have same version. I running the 32 bit versionfor windows.

It is still not selectable.

After looking and trying to understand what you were talking about with “noise basis”, i think i see the misunderstanding.

“Noise Basis” is only the name of the drop down menu that contain cell noise, voronoi F1 etc… that are noise types.
But “Noise Basis” is only the name of the category, it is not a noise type and so is not something you can select.

It is the same for the drop down menu at the Mapping tab next to coordinate, it’s called “Texture Coordinate”, it’s not a coordinate type and so is not something you can select :

in last SVN i don’t get this list of noises type ?

is this right under the preview panel in texture panel?

and in this list here i don’t see distorted noise !

unless it is somewhere else ?


Try this :

On a model add a material, in the texture panel , click on “New” , change the default cloud to stucci and you should see the same drop down list as in the screenshot in the “Stucci” tab, next to “Basis”.

Note : that’s for when your render is set to Blender Internal obviously, not Cycles.
But i think the same stucci tab and the drop down menu is there for Cycles too.

sorry i mixed up the type and noise basis for one specific texture!

i see it now !

but in cycles i think we have less type of noise then in normal blender
bit you can use one noise type to generate more type of noises by changing parameters

i wish we had more type of proc texture in blender it would give more choices!

you can also makes some nice noise texture using GIMP !


Thank’s again for all the answers.

I may have been a bit confused by the tutorial to try to select the noise Basis.
I had a feeling that this was just Category headline. But just wanted to check if something was wrong.

Sorrry about the posting with formatting code. I tried to edit it but could not post the correction.

Lol… but that’s a result of interface inconsistencies, really. Even dropdown for texture type keeps None, selectable, at top while there’s Type, not selectable, at the bottom of the list. And as always - picture worth a thousand words. Thanks, Sanctuary for catching this.