Stuck at texturing

Let me first introduce myself, since this is my first post on this forum. Im fairly new to Blender, i started about a year ago, but i’ve not been doing it as actively as i’m doing now. The modelling is going pretty good so far, but for me to (finally) complete something i need to learn to texture. That’s what im here for.

I have created a model (planning to use for a game), and gave it a normal map using a high poly version of the same model. Then i gave it some skin tone to make it a little bit more realistic. So now i have a ‘naked’ character, but that’s not what i want. I want the character to have textured clothing etc. underneath his armor.
And from this point on i do not have any idea what to do. I want to keep the shading and skin color from the normal map, but i also need a seperate texture for clothes.

I’ve been searching the internet all day long for a good tutorial, but i couldnt find anything useful, and im hoping to get some good reactions from you guys :slight_smile:

Many tutorials dealing with UV unwrapping and texturing Watch them all.