Stuck at the waist modeling Human

Well I was modeling a leg for a human and then duplicated it to create the second leg. I then joined the 2 meshes together except there’s now a big ugly line where the 2 meet.
And whenever I extrude the line just grows. tried recalculating normal and nothing happend.
Any advice on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Please post a picture of your problem.

you might have some internal faces that are causing problems

Try removing doubles (w > …)

But anyway, why are you duplicating and joining the meshes?

In general when you model mostly symmetric things/beings you model half of it and add a mirror modifier.
And when you’re completely done with the modeling, you may apply the modifier to be able to modify the whole mesh and make it less symmetric.

The waist-hip area is indeed tricky. it is where the loop of the leg arcs up to form the hip, and then matches up through an edge loop turn (a pole) to merge with the trunk. hope this example helps.