Stuck in Artblock

Hello everyone. Right now I’m stuck in an extreme artblock. Basically, I’m creatively dead and can’t seem to make anything. Does anyone have any advice on how to get out of an artblock?

Take a walk.
Read a book.
Visit a museum (any kind except an art museum).
Go out with friend(s) and have a really, really good time.

Or (my favourite) find a way to make yourself really, really bored. Seriously, it works.

In short, do whatever it takes to stop thinking about how uncreative you feel, whatever it takes to stop worrying about it. Clear your mind of all doubt, worry, etc. in whatever way works for you. It’ll come back; I promise. Been there many times and I always find my way back. You will, too.

Listen to some music then take a nap. There is a herb that can make you dream; Calea Zacatechichi, that can help you dream. Dreams will help you break the block, or you can ask Mario.

I usually do anatomy studies and things if I’m not feeling creative.

Alternative is to just go digging to get inspired by something. 3D threads, speedpaint threads, etc.

What others have said about getting out of yourself is very on target. Go to the local art museum, pick up a pencil and draw, go to the beach and make a sand castle.

Or go find some way to help someone else. Volunteer your time for something or someone. That will help you to get beyond your block.

Another thing you can do is just make some very bad stuff in Blender. :spin: Seriously, give up on quality, but play. Find that one part of Blender that you never understood and study it. Don’t do it well, just do something.