Stuck in black and white when I turn scene world on or try and render please help

I tried everything I know like rgb is on and when I turn scene world off I’m back to colour, all my lighting is fine when I turn it up the scene just gets whiter, I was trying to add mist when I turned combine back on this happened at some point round then, I’ve tried most things on the web I found nothings worked just want colour back in my render and scene/world this is in all modes
I’d be very greatful if someone helps me I’m new to this

Off the bat, I can say confidently that there is RGB color in that scene. It may look like it’s all share of gray, but there’s color. It’s just super washed out. From this, I’m led to assume that your World lighting is also super washed out. What is your world lighting setup?

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Thankyou for reply :slight_smile: I have spot lights on every light and basic blender hdri which goes when I render and this is my first indoor scene I’ve made It was fine until I went near composting tools and mist I have undone what I did but still no colour, unless I turn world scene off

I looked into my world lighting and sorted it thanks I didn’t think off something so simply what a legend for fast reply tho thanks man sorted

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