Stuck in Object Mode

Hello all,

I am doing the tutorials.

My “Gus” Character is stuck in object mode.

No other mode is available. No “Edit” mode is available.
How do I get my character “Gus” out of Object mode?



press tab. :smiley: Or there is a drop down box that says ‘object mode’ and you can select other alternatives. There is also ways of editing mesh by faces instead of polygons. There are 4 little buttons that appear while in edit mode in the lower-middle of the screen(that button bar)(on the right of it). If the triangle is selected, click the icon with 4 little dots to cycle through those modes too if you want to change that…

You probably have the camera or a lamp selected in object mode – there is no edit mode for these objects. right click on gus and then press tab.


I am using blender 2.41 on Windows 2000.

The mode is really stuck in Object mode. No selection exists to change to Edit mode or any other mode.

My only chose to fix this is to press CTRL+Z (UNDO) and go back until I reach a point where I can get out of this jam and EDIT mode becomes available again.

Seems from these answers, I ‘should not’ be getting only object mode for a mode selection.

Is this is a blender bug?
Should I report this as a bug?

Any other ideas?



show a screenshot 1st, just to be on the safe side


The case ends up that if I select the entire schene, then I am stuck in object mode.
If I deselect then I am stuck in object mode.
If I am stuck in object mode and am select in an object and if I deselect the object, then select a DIFFERENT object, then all my modes come back. This is Edit, Object, Pose modes and others.



Probably not.

What you’ve described sounds like normal behavior. Object mode is the default mode . . . all scene ‘objects’ exist in this mode together.

Edit mode can only be entered if you have selected an object that can be edited (not available for cams or lamps, and you cannot edit multiple objects at the same time).

Pose mode is only accessible when an Armature is selected.

And an object needs to be Active. If you select it with B it will only be Selected, not Active. You must select it with Right Mouse Button, that’s what RMB selection is all about in Blender.


I am using just my right mouse button to ‘select and make active?’ a sphere.

How do I separate them in object mode, so I can move each individually?



Go into Edit mode and select 1 vertice only. With your mouse cursor over that vert hit L and all the linked verts will be selected. Hit P >> All Loose Parts and the selected verts will be assigned as a new Object.

Always add new OBJECTS in Object mode. Add new MESHES to a Mesh in Edit mode.



I will try that on Monday.