Stuck in the mud [BIG picture warning]

Hello, everyone!

I’m working on a sculpted model of a person… Stuck in the mud. I’ve got the general pose and proportions how I want, and I haven’t added any small details yet.
The main thing I’m looking for crits on is the shape of the various parts of the body, particularly the legs and the torso, which seem to be oddly shaped, but I can’t seem to make them look right.

Thanks for any help!

So this should probably be in the works in progress forum right?

Not much to comment on yet…

the pelvis needs to be moved closer towards the head, maybe about a little under a head length, give or take for preference. The spine definitely needs to be shortened, though.

Ok, I’m making some major changes to the pose. I showed it to a few people and they all thought it was supposed to be… doing the do.
I’ll post updated pics once fix it up.

Thanks for the tip, BlackBoe.

I actually like it so far, I think it needs some reshaping, but it’s good. It reminds me of the work of sculptor Henry Moore.