Stuck in Tutorial :(

Hey i am doing this Tutorial:

And i am stuck at Step 22 :s

I am supposed to make the Eyes by “E” and RightClick and then Scale.

But there happends no “Extrude” …

“Select the two faces shown below. This area will hold the eye loop. Press “E” to extrude the faces, but do not move the mouse and left click. Instead “RIGHT-Click” to leave the extruded faces where they are (we don’t want to move the new ones.) With the new faces already selected, press “S” and scale them down to form the eye.”

Please Look at the Link and Tell me what i am doing wrong :no:

-Select the 2 faces

-Press E then right click (or press Enter), it will make something like this:

-Then press S to scale down the extruded (but unmoved) faces to create the eye

You are doing this and it does not work ?

This Happends:
1 I select.
2 I Press E then Enter or Right Mouse
3 Scale Fail

It’s possible you have several extruded faces on top of each other from previous attempts, try to select the whole model then press W -> Remove Double, then press CTRL+N
And after that try to extrude then scale again the 2 faces.

If it does not fix it, upload your current .blend as an attachement or there :
So someone or me can give a look at what is going on.


I have found a way to get around it… I cut more Ctrl+R and on those new surfaces it worked…