Stuck on Manual Legs

I’m new to blender and I’m trying to learn how to make a figure from this tut in the Blender pdf manual: “Your First Animation in 30 plus 30 Minutes Part I”.

Everything goes fine until I try to make the legs. I don’t understand what I have to do to make the legs. I tried using B to make a box around just 2 vertices, but every time 3 vertices turn yellow and when I press E I get 2 straight legs instead of legs at an angle.

What do I have to do to get the legs it shows in the Blender Manual? Thanks for any help.

I’m using Blender V2.48a in Ubuntu 9.04.

Can you provide a link to that PDF?

Just guessing, but when you extrude, the result will be affected depending on whether you have face or edge select mode or vertex select mode. If you are in vertex select mode when extruding, Blender will ask you something like “Only Edges” and “Only Vertices”.

I’m flying blind here, but let me suggest you switch to Face select mode (Ctrl+Tab, then ‘Faces’) then select the two faces which will form the root of the legs, then E to extrude.

Try it and see…

I think he’s talking about ginger bread man tutorial.
Switching to face select mode is a god suggestion, I think when you extrude like that it moves down.
So once you’ve done that, just use the G-Key and move it to the right.
You cna press CTRL, to move by 1 Square, or Shift+Ctrl for 0.1 squares.
Don’t worry about following things to the dot, the tutorial is to teach you the basics.

beefcalf thanks for your help and here’s a link to the manual: “Blender Manual_20090129”

cire792 thanks for your help and yep it’s the Gingerbread Man Tut. I’ll try out the suggestions you guys made and let you know what happens.

What I found that kind of works is to turn Mirror off and use E with Region first to create new vertices then Esc and then G to make the left leg. I had to do that for each part of the left leg. There are 3 parts to it.

Then I turned on Mirror again and it didn’t look too bad. Only thing is the legs are a darker blue then the body, arms and head now. I did the SubSurfaces part of the tut but the surface looks different on the legs then it does on the body, arms and head.

I have to finish reading the manual but may be I’ll look for some other tut’s on the web that explain things so even a noob can understand them.