Stuck on Soccer ball tutorial

Working on a new tutorial of creating a soccer ball

Question i have is in the tutorial there is a step to do CTRL + NUM_PAD -

When i press at the same time i dont get the same result as in the video actually i get no result at all

Currently running Blender version v2.69
NUM lock key is turned on

CTRL key is working for other shortcuts

Does anyone have any idea why this might not be working for me?

Found the option under select >> Less

But clicking on it from there does nothing. Almost like its disabled in blender or turned off. Have not changed any of the default settings within blender

Is there a way to enable this feature?

I was assuming perhaps i missed a step following the video so I have following the video again pausing between steps to make sure not to miss anything and each time it just never works. So i am pretty confident that no steps have been missed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


not enough info. show a screenshot of Blender window when you try to select less.

Screenshot 1 My project

Screenshot 2 from the video

So I’m trying to create that seperation that you see here. He is using the hot keys ctrl + NUMPAD_MINUS and doing that twice to get that affect

when i try to get the effect nothing happens also going to select >> less does nothing.

Screenshot 1 my project

Screenshot 2 from video im following

So in the video he does the CTRL + NUMPAD_MINUS twice to get that seperation between edges.

When i do CTRL + NUMPAD_MINUS it does nothing no error message not even a flickering of the screen just nothing.
Going thru Select >> Less has the same result

If you had selected all (as by default tab into edit mode or hit A there) Ctrl - NPminus does nothing. Select just a part ( verts, edges, faces) and Ctrl NPplus or NPminus will extend or decrease selection.

Edit: If you follow tut carefully after Extrude individual he did pull mouse and what you then see is NOT selected faces. While he hits s 0 and sizes them to zero these still are not selected faces and further, after Alt-P and subdivide, he is able to use Ctrl NPminus to decrease selection.
Somewhere in between you have all faces selected - that’s why this do not work for you.