Stuck on where to go with this model..

Pretty new to Blender here, just modeling a bunch of things so I can try and get to understanding the more complex subjects like Node setups, UV Mapping and etc.

I wanted to make this weapon, Dark Gungir from a popular anime series, but I’m not sure where to go with it.

Here’s 2 pictures of the weapon from the show:

Then here’s my model that I’m still putting together:

I think I got the basic shape right, but how would one add on those details, like the large yellow and grey metal parts on the body of the spear?

For something like that you should probably start with the easiest part (in this case the big pieces that the handle comes out from) and work out from there.It’s a shame there aren’t more reference images.

Try modeling and rendering the shape without a toon shaded approach, or show the OpenGL presentation since the flatness of the render doesn’t define the shape well enough. I have questions about the poly flow of the object that may make it difficult to proceed and add details where you need them.

Here’s what it looks like under OpenGL, though I think I may just scrap that main body section of the spear and do it over. Thoughts?