Stuck Rigging an Animated Bullet Belt?

Hello there! I’m currently rigging an animated bullet belt as the title indicates, what i’m looking for is for the bullets to be fed into a gun and be terminated when they reach the point that they would fired. I semi-succeeded in creating this effect by using a curve guide and a single vertex with a particle system emitting the ammunition, tweaking their lifetime to fit the curve and speed. This seemed to work, but as soon as the gun is animated the rotations of the bullets go completely random in every direction and I haven’t found a way around this. is there another method this can be done with an array modifier and a curve, or a way to fix my current method?

i wouldn’t be surprised if the solution to this problem is something very simple that went over my head, but any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Update- solved problem, ended up using a normal animated array along a curve with a box around the area i wanted the belt to appear and added a boolean modifier to the belt