Stuck student needs help with Blender... (p.s. a COMPLETE novice)


I am a student and I am writing an essay about the future concentrating on Blender. I know nothing about this program and would be very grateful if someone could fill me in with what Blender is all about? I am trying to answer questions like… What is Blender? Who uses Blender? How do you create images on Blender? It would be really helpful if someone with a good knowledge of this software could explain to me in simple terms what its all about? Thank you very much for your time!


A few links to help get you orientated.

Thank you. Quick question… do you start creating your images of people with an actual photograph? Or some sort of template?

If you are going for recreation of an actual person, then you load up a pictures of him/her from various angles, (called reference images) you analyze the key features and replicate these in a 3D model, consisting of polygons. Then usually you assign an image with the skin/cloth colour of the person on those polygons so that they have the colour information as well. Finally you set up a camera and a light and you are rendering. There are no templates for this kind of work, you need to do it the hard way.

Thank you, what happens if you want to make a person that doesn’t exist?

It helps if you have a sketch of the imaginary person/creature. In game studios, concept artists do exactly that, drawing the imaginary person from various perspectives as reference images for the 3D modeller to work on. Other times you may work completely impromptu, using digital sculpting and playing with shapes until something interesting comes up.

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