stuck with rendering


for some reason when i hit F12 for rendering i only get a black screen in the 3D window as shown in the added pic…

has anyone an idea how i could have accidently messed the settings up? cause i have no clue where i went wrong. it still used to work on the last projects. but i don’t know where to look for comparing the settings for rendering within the other and this last project.

under the render- and format buttons everything seems to be the same. :confused:


I see you have YafRay enabled as the renderer. Perhaps the xml button is pressed in the YafRay tab?

Yes, if you are trying to render with Yafray and it is not installed, it creates only black render. That is propably the problem.

thank you Gentlemen,

that turned out to be the cause, you saved my day :).

guess i now have to get familiar with Yafray :o.

thanks alot and kind regards.

wish you a volks a fine day.