stucked with cycles baking

Hello guys,

Latest blender version, Ubuntu 14.04. Trying to bake texture in cycles. No matter what i try, I always get the same problem which says: No active image found in material X for object Y. Could someone give a hand here and explain what am i doing wrong?

These are the steps i did:

  1. start blender, create new scene
  2. add plane
  3. unwrap and create new image from UV window to bake to
  4. switch to cycles render
  5. create material and assign it to plane
  6. bake


Did you select your texture node before baking ?
Did you follow the video instruction tutorial supplied to you in the blender 2.71 release notes ?

Oh, great! It did the trick! Never would imagine it would need different approach than with Blender engine texture baking :)… now it works, thanks!

So how do we do this in Cycles with an object with multiple textures?