Student live action short film "Subterfuge"

A man who’s life work was stolen and claimed by his jealous partner plots his revenge with anger and a burning sensation to prove himself, he plotted to steal back what was taken from him.

Lots more stuff were supposed to be shown but ran out of time due to other assignments and looking for actors.

The robot and spider were fully created in blender. This tutorial helped a lot

Models were very nice and camera tracking was done very well, but color grading was very bad, for me it was too yellow. Also I did not understand the story from the video. When I did read your text I understood it, but at the end of the video I was not even sure who was the bad guy and who good. What was those missiles and ships and how did they fit the story? Who was the sniper?

For your next video project you really need to do more work for the manuscript and I’m really sure that it will be a bad ass movie. (Even though I had a lot critics to this, I still liked your video, keep up with good work.) :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. Next film would include more planning, better lighting and music. The yellow tint was us being pressured by our lecturers to add some sort of “style” to it.(They wanted me to make my robots pink >_>) That’s why during the film when the guy with the cap was being shown it had a blueish tint, while the guy with the suit had a “orange” tint.

For the sniper a second robot(not like the others) was supposed to be introduced. He was to be used to cause a distraction by killing the patrolling robots and firing missiles at their ships for the guy with the cap would have less trouble getting to the guy in the suit.