Student project, for whom?

Hi there!
In my study I have to create a complex 3D-object of the school building.
It must be worth the effort, when I spend a half year of my time in this project! Have you ever made projects where you have to create 3D-objects, in which you are uninterested? I can’t realy motivate myselfe to create an 3D-object in such dimensions only for my tutor. I know the ambition is to learn how to work with software and to get a feeling for it, but not for an uninteresting object like this :no:. Are there students too, they had experiences in this case? I mean are there ways and means to do such projects to have an advantage anyway? What had you done with the final projects? Spend it the tutor :smiley: or do you know some platform where to issue the project to have a little benefit? Maybe so I can motivate myself to do a project in this dimension.

Is it a compulsory project theme? I mean, did the tutor not give the chance to choose a theme for yourself? If not, I suggest you do it the way the tutor wants you to, because anyway it is always experience that you’ll get. There are always issues you might run into in a project like that.

Half a year? If you fudge it with photo-textures it should be ready in a few days. How big is the building and what sort of detail does the tutor want?

If you check out the noob-to-pro there are all sorts of fun stuff like arrays, instances and duplicates that you can use to copy and rotate stuff like towers, windows and all that good stuff.

A few days once you know the software - I think the point here is to learn the software - which means he does not know it yet. From teaching people new to 3d, 3d concepts, I can see half a year being a proper amount of time. (Figuring it’s only a 50 minute class a day also comes into affect.)

Get a good music radio station you like, and then start spending time on your exercise. Pretty soon your subconscious will be doing most of the routine type of work, and you will find time is flying by at enjoyable pace.

I dealt with making a lot of stuff I wasn’t interested in when I was drafting. You just work through it. The main focus when learning to draft, is how to do it efficeintly, accurately, and quickly. Learn the software and all the shortcuts and tools they pack into it to make your life easier. Making a variety of objects is a good way to learn new modelling tools and methods, even if they are uninteresting. Keep up with it and you’ll get better and faster and all those things that aren’t something to your liking, but are a must, will be done quicker.

Yeah, you are right there. Also, if he does turn into a proper Blenderhead, then he’ll be staying up till 3.00AM playing with the smoke sim rather than concentrating on doing his school building.

Thank you guys for your meanings.
ptbbastos: Yeah, he gave the chance to choose a theme: building A or building B :confused:. Awesome.
Tea_Monster: Half a year because there are other lessons too they I have to visit, so I can’t blender the hole day ;).
ajm: You dealt with drafting stuff? Do you, or does anyone know some platforms where to sell ready projects? What are the pros and cons?