Student work KingdomHeartsModel

hi…this is a student model of work based on the game Kingdom Hearts/Clock Tower
comments welcome & thnks


Where are you a student?

Hi, I post student work at the High School level. This is a grd. 11 girl who is taking animation with me/teacher. We do some interesting stuff…not all ‘animation’ related but the course is based using Blender from grd. 8 through 12. Any ideas of what would be interesting from a Forum user standpoint - are always welcome

looks fantastic to me, of she is only 11, she’s got a very good eye for detail

thanks Pharion - the girl that is modeling this is IN grade 11 so…16 yrs old. she has been working on other assignments as well - but chips away at this scene when she can. just wanted to get it out there :slight_smile: