Studies of StickMen

This is something of a small series. A bunch of short shorts, all about Stick people. A collection of Gags, however you want to classify it.

Introducing Part 1 in the Study:
A Rope Swing, and a Quick Exit

C&C welcome, thanks in advance for chekin this out.


Interesting style. The walk cylcle is a little odd but maybe thats on purpose. Can’t really comment on modeling or textures since its a stick figure…

Yeah, nothing complicated, The walk cycle was meant to be very posey. Thanks for the feedback.

hey I like it… the blur on the sign might be a bit much tho… but the look of it… I really like
keep it up!

yeah, i threw together some DoF. :wink: its pretty crappy. and thx , ill add to these whenevr the ideas come.

cant you put it on youtube? I dont like downloading stuff

I would, but i cant acess youtube from any of my computers, Ill try hosting it on putfile so you dont have to download…itll be up in a minute

there you go
hope it works

haha, much shorter than I expected. thanks for uploading. I hope the following shorts will be a bit less short:)

yeah i told you they were short shorts. lol, the next will be longer…

That was very good, much better than Ican do, mind you I have only been doing this for a week now. I’m working on something though, and will post it soon.

I’ve been wondering about doing a stickman, but couldn’t get it in my head how to go about it looking like I wanted (like you did) and still maintain the 3D flexibility (like you did). I won’t ask you to post the .blend, but I can’t help but to ask you; how did you do it? The way the body parts blend with each other when they move across each other is cool. Is that just a shadeless black material or what?

EDIT: Great work, by the way. I absolutely love it.

I started with a circle. extrude inwards, then back…to make the circle head. then i extruded out the body arms legs. And it was easy as crap to rig. Its just a black shadeless tex. As for the head, i just rotate it so it always looks like a circle(instead of a line). So, not to complicated. I wsas like , what the heck, im sick of complex crap, lets do something fast and easy. And as for keeping the flexibility, i just added segments to each bone(in posemode, bone info, it just cuts up the bone to make the arms smoother, less angular)
PS and i used super shallow dof for the slight bleeding effect(it screwed up the letters on the sign, but i can deal.