Studio AF ( a " Corona for Blender" exercice)

Hi there !

To continue to practice Corona for Blender, I asked to an architect friend of mine to provide me a 3D model from one of his project. He did it for this little appartment in Montpellier, a project called Studio AF ( reference work).

The model is from sketchup, I imported it into Blender 2.79 and I cleaned it from some issues ( not closed walls meshs, better furniture models,…).
One of the only things that Corona miss is an interactive viewport like Cycles ( and some other features of course :wink: ) but it still so dawn fast !!!

Renderings are around 20-30 mn on Ryzen 7 1800x with 12 cores used on 16. Just a little bit of post compositing in Photoshop with some rendering passes from Corona, but not a lot of work. The main advantage is the Corona VFB where you can play directly with LUTs, glare, exposition, and lightmix ! A fantastic feature that Cycles miss a lot !!!

I hope you like, C&C are welcome :slight_smile:

PS: a little bit in late but Happy New Year for everyone :wink:


How is the BVH building time with corona for heavy scene with lots of trees?

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Nice images! a bit washed out for my taste but great images anyway :+1:

Would like to know this as well as cycles takes forever for the pre-processing phase in huge scenes

Looking good and thanks for description. I have lot of experience with Corona for 3dsmax and i used it even in Blender for some commercial projects. Yes, unfortunately we have to use exporter, so the interactive render is not possible for Corona in Blender.
But Light Mix and Post in Corona VFB is a great advantage over others.
Then ID masks are also great, and always sharp. In Cycles they are useles.
It is great to have Cryptommate with Cycles, but Corona does those things much better.
I also managed to use Corona Scatter, trough Blender Particle System. That is a cool feature.

Keep posting, it is great to hear from your experience



Hi guys :slight_smile:
I didn’t try yet Corona on huge exterior scene, but I will let you know as soon as possible if I work on this kind of project :wink:

@dbalex > yes it’s a bit washed but that was the goal, to get a different rendering mainly without post compositing. Happy you like it, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi !
Here an update of the first rendering, edited with Affinity Photo to learn a bit more about this software. Colours and white balance ( more neutral) and some details :slight_smile: