"Studio" Apartment

I’m working on designing apartment that will utilize quiet a few built in features and use space as much as possible. I am working on this for fun to add to my portfolio since it is lacking in much 3D work. This is my first time working with displace, normal, and bump maps in such a large scene. Also this is my first time using the node editor. I thought I might post my work to get some feedback seeing as I am new to most of what I am doing.

All comments and critiques will be very welcomed and appreciated. :slight_smile:

Nice sense of scale you’ve achieved there! Makes it look huge. Two things: firstly the shadows are too hard, but I’m sure you’ll fix that when it comes to the final renders. Secondly, the ceiling could be lowered a bit so that it’s sitting on those horizontal beams (otherwise the beams don’t seem to have much purpose). Keep at it!

Thanks, I was hoping it would seem large since the model itself is actually quiet small. Also when you say hard shadows do you mean the edges are not soft enough or the shadows are to dark? I know how to make them brighter but not softer if that is what you meant.

I meant the edges yeah. You can achieve it with the “soft size” under the light’s settings. In cycles the “size” of the lamp defines how hard or soft a shadow will be - lower values give harder, more defined shadows.

Ah I can’t believe I never tried the soft size setting before, I never really noticed it either. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

Right now I am just trying to set up my camera angle for testing. I can’t seem to get a good wide shot without editing the focal length which messes up the perspective to much for my liking. Is there anyway to set up the camera to get a view similar to the human eye? Double cameras if anything?

This is what I am talking about with perspective issues. It seems the farthest wall is tilted outward even though in the model it is flat.

In short I want to achieve a good three point perspective but still achieve the large view.