Studio Environment Maps

Hey all,

Here are some free studio environment maps for use in your projects to get some quick and nice reflections:

Download link (password: thegaf)

Trying to install iLivid. Beware of the nigerian environment maps…

@Xylolixus, thanks, nice maps.
@jpb06, you should push the right (small) button, work fine here.

Cheers, mib

Nigerian environment maps? As in malware? This is just a .rar file with 11 JPG’s in it, nothing to worry about ; )

Hi @Xylolixus,

Great thanks for this sharing but I have one question: Why not in hdr file format? Why in jpg?

These are originally from here, in HDR format:

On the RAR file it was called HDRI, but i couldn’t find the HDRI files :stuck_out_tongue:

Great you found the original download, thanks, now we got better HDRI files!

Hi BeerBaron, Tks! these are the good files!

Thanks for the links :smiley: